• Formula E – Car Charging

Project Details

Project Description

Power Logistics has supported Formula E in various guises since its first race in London during the summer of 2015. However, since 2017, the company has delivered all cabling and distribution equipment for the series’ car charging requirements at every race around the world. The team have travelled to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Mexico, France, Germany, Italy, Morocco, USA, Monaco and Switzerland.

Utilising its unique knowledge of Formula E’s requirements, Power Logistics designed and sold a bespoke and comprehensive cabling and distribution package that it’s team of electricians and electrical labourers install at racetracks across the globe. All equipment is always installed and tested to BS7909 standards with due care and attention to not only Health & Safety but environmental impact.

Cabling is installed from the power supply to the point where the cars are plugged in, it takes in excess of 7 kilometres and a variety of distribution equipment per race. There is always a core team of five crew onsite at each race, led by a Chief Electrician and a Crew Chief who are consistent throughout the season. The contract is overseen by Ian Peniston, Power Logistics’ Head of Projects who has always worked closely with the Formula E team and delivered consultancy services from 2015 – 2018.

With prior knowledge of what was required, Power Logistics designed a system that has larger cables than you’d normally expect for the power consumption. This helps with not only the car charging element but also the ambient temperatures experienced in some of the race locations and will ensure the longevity of the cables.

There are two kits of cable and distribution equipment that leapfrog each other around the world ensuring that Power Logistics can carry out routine maintenance and ensure that the kit arrives at each race in pristine condition. In addition, Power Logistics is also responsible storing the kit in between races (where necessary) and during the off season. Its experienced team also carry out annual inspections.