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Project Description

  Provide complete power solution
  Tight timeframe
  Difficult locations around the town

Power Logistics provided a complete power solution; all generators and distribution for the 2013 Brighton Marathon. The installation covered the full 26 miles of the marathon course, including a large portion at the finish line that was on the beach, this coupled with the tight window for the install and de-rig; 6am – 10am and 6pm – 10pm respectively, presented an interesting logistical challenge for the team.

Power Logistics supplied twenty five generators in total, ranging from 6 kva to 100 kva, the majority of which were towable to speed the de-rig process. The bulk of the generators were at the start and finish lines however they also supplied the power for the commentary positions and timing systems. All the runners were chipped so it was vital as they passed the timing mats that everything was working correctly.

Dan Pratt, Power Logistics’ project manager for the event said: “The challenge with the Brighton Marathon is the tight time frame we have to work in, as the marathon course involves closing roads, so good planning on our side is key to minimising the disruption. In fact as soon as the last runner was through the finish line we began removing the generators.”