• Piccadilly Circus’ Circus

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Project Description

  To supply generators, cable and distribution

Piccadilly Circus’ circus was organised by the Mayor of London’s office as part of The London 2012 Festival.

For one day only, on Sunday 2 September, Central London was transformed into a pedestrianized paradise full of surprises and spectacle. Streets were brought to life and iconic landmarks became the playground of the world’s most exciting contemporary circus performers. Over the course of the magical afternoon, 143 performances of 48 different acts by 33 companies took place across 15 spaces, with 247 performers!

Power Logistics was asked to provide the power for this unique spectacular. Over 30 generators were used to power stages, PA, winches for performers flying and feather fans. 15 generators were located on Piccadilly Circus itself giving the power to blow 1.5 tons of feathers in the air.

As the circus was a secret a lot of work had to be under taken at night, including craning our generators on to roof tops, in order to power winches for the high wire acts. In addition due to the location we had a limited time for road closures with the majority of the generators having to be located within a tight time frame. The same can be said for the load out with only seven hours to be completely clear of the performance areas.

I was extremely happy with how professional the on site team was during the build, show and de rig. Also, I would like to add the quality of the equipment supplied was excellent. Finally the service by Ian just was so exact with a fantastic can do attitude.
Gary White