• Boomtown Festival 2018 & 2019

Project Details

  • Construction Date

    August 2018

  • Location

    Matterley Estate, Winchester

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Project Description

Power Logistics provided full project management and consultancy service for this year’s Boomtown, delivering all show, arena and site power for the festival. These included Lion’s Den, Sector 6, Bang Hai Towers, Kidztown, Barrio Loco and Boomtown Springs, the festival’s VIP hospitality area.

Our experienced team headed up by senior project manager, Dan Pratt was onsite for a total of six weeks. The first generators were installed at the Matterley Estate on 12th July for the production and crew areas and a full team arrived on 19th July to complete a four week build which would see them site and connect over 100 generators, kilometres of cabling, 500 distribution boards, 48km of festoon lighting, 60 Towerlights and 500 Gelled 200watt LED light fixtures for the architectural lighting.

Boomtown is famous for its unique and distinctively visual look and feel, to fulfil the festival’s requirements we invested significantly in several key areas. This included the purchase of LED festoon lighting; photocell technology which ensured that the lighting turned on when it went dark and off when it was light and additional architectural LED lighting. This ensured that the solution was sustainable but also met its aesthetic needs.

Wherever it was suitable we implemented our innovative power management solution which sees the synchronising of sets in pairs, trios, fours, fives etc. to ensure that generators always supply the minimum requirement, but are programmed to turn themselves on or off, depending on the increases or decreases in load. This enabled the generators to be operated on a power by demand system.

The team from Greener Festival’s Greener Award was onsite during the festival and met with our senior project manager to discuss the sustainable initiatives that we were implementing during the festival, they were particularly impressed with our use of spill kits; bunded tanks; fuel management; load demand set-up and power monitoring.