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    Watergate Bay, Newquay

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Project Description

Power Logistics provided full project management for the show and site power for this year’s Boardmasters. This included the supply, install, maintenance and removal of all temporary electrical distribution and generators. As we were providing a turnkey solution, we supplied generators, fuel tanks, cabling and distribution equipment to cabling ramps, festoon lighting and even sockets.

We’ve got a good working relationship with the production team at Vision Nine, they completely understand the need to share their power requirements and plan accordingly. Working closely with the team allows us to achieve a highly detailed specification which ensures that we design the most efficient power system and size generators correctly. This not only provides a cost-effective solution but also ensures that we’re providing a sustainable solution.

As a company we’re always striving to deliver sustainable solutions which includes reducing generator sizes and providing power management packages for areas onsite that see fluctuations in power requirements. This is something that we worked closely with Vision Nine on, for example, catering outlets and concessions often require larger amounts of power at meal times, we have a system that sees the generators start up and synch in when the power is needed.  This has proved to be very efficient as we are only running machines when they’re required, reducing fuel costs and ultimately emissions. It also works well in areas where we are uncertain of the accurate power requirements. In addition, we introduced longer cable runs to reduce the number of generators required across the site.

All the festoon lighting that we installed had LED lamps to ensure that they were energy efficient. We also had light sensors on the generators powering the site lighting, they detect when it is going dark and kick in, turning the lighting on.

We carried out power monitoring in seven key areas of the site and will be using the data collected to inform decisions regarding generator numbers and specifications for next year’s event.

The main challenges for Boardmasters come from the site itself, it’s pretty unique working in Watergate Bay and Fistral Beach and trying to achieve the right look for the festival versus the practicalities. It can be pretty tricky, and the festival is growing year on year and looking to improve, so we work hand in hand with the production team to achieve a middle ground that works for both of us.