Main stage bank of generators with power monitoring equipment

Power Logistics’ pledge at the start of the year to deliver power monitoring at every project it undertook in 2019 has proven to have been a huge success throughout this summer. Implementing its bespoke power monitoring system at numerous festivals and outdoor events it has delivered sustainable power solutions that have resulted in fuel bills consistently being reduced by 20% or more, along with significant carbon emission savings.

A bespoke power monitoring system was been devised and developed by Power Logistics’ in-house research and development team. This has proven to have a significant impact on an event’s carbon footprint; reducing fuel consumption and often the number and size of generators required onsite which in turn leads to cost efficiencies.

A key addition to the system is the utilisation of QR codes which are placed on every generator, fuel tank and fuel bowser, as the equipment is sited, its location, running hours, fuel usage etc. are uploaded via a server to a purpose-built database. This element allows Power Logistics to deliver clients a % breakdown of their fuel usage across identified areas with real time data so event organisers can see exactly how much fuel is being used and where.

The real time knowledge and data has been utilised by the Power Logistics’ teams onsite at numerous events this summer to make changes to the way that equipment is operating to deliver energy savings. This has resulted in huge reductions in the amount of fuel used which in turn has had a positive impact on the events’ carbon footprints.

A fantastic example is this year’s AEG’s Barclaycard presents British Summer Time festival, held in London’s Hyde Park. Power Logistics has delivered a comprehensive project management solution for the event since 2014 and steadily implemented sustainable initiatives throughout that period. 2019 saw a huge leap forward when the site was fuelled solely with HVO, the renewable diesel produced from vegetable fats and oils. Analysing the data from 2018’s event, Power Logistics installed a smaller generator set in each of its large generator compounds  which was used during the build and breakdown period. This reduced fuel usage by 8000 litres during this year’s build. This, coupled with further power monitoring and tweaks to the solution during the event, delivered an impressive 25% reduction in the amount of fuel used.

There are similar success stories at Wychwood Festival, New Forest Show, Radio 1 Big Weekend, Boomtown, End of the Road and SW4 where fuel bills were reduced by an average of 21%. Combined these events have saved an impressive 60,000 litres of fuel and almost 160 tonnes of CO2.

Commenting on the success of Power Logistics’ power monitoring system, managing director, Mike Whitehouse said: “We began the year with a commitment to delivering power monitoring at every project we undertook in 2019. This was then made possible by our excellent research and development team who worked tirelessly to develop the system that we’ve deployed at numerous events this summer. The results and efficiencies speak for themselves; effectively implementing real time power monitoring results in drastic fuel savings and has a positive impact of an event’s carbon footprint.

“In addition, as we move in to 2020, we now have a detailed breakdown for all the event’s that we’ve provided power solutions to this year. This will undoubtedly inform the planning process for next year’s events and drive further efficiencies and savings.”