• British Summer Time 2018
  • British Summer Time 2018

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  • Construction Date

    July 2018

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    Hyde Park, London

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Project Description

  Site & Show Power
  Fuel Management
  Power Monitoring 
  Power Management Solution
  Site Lighting 


Power Logistics has been providing a complete project management solution that sees us deliver all site and show power requirements for AEG’s Barclaycard presents British Summer Time festival, held in London’s Hyde Park, since 2014.This includes providing power for all stages, back stage and productions and the VIP garden along with the numerous bars and concessions and brand activation areas around the site.

Designing the power solution for a project of this size takes careful planning with the entire site layout needing to be taken into consideration. For example, certain generators that power the delay towers are sited millimetre perfect so as not to interfere with audience site lines to the stage. A schematic drawing is produced for the distribution system that includes everything from the largest 500 kva generator to each 13-amp socket.

Our team is always mindful of providing the right power management solution for all of our projects so power saving, reducing fuel bills and being energy efficient is at the forefront of everything that we do.

We will always look to provide the correct size generators for the event and continuously monitor loads and timings. Our bespoke power management solution allows generators to be synchronised in pairs, trios, fours, fives etc. Generators then supply the minimum requirement always but are programmed to turn themselves on or off, depending on the increases or decreases in load. This enables the generators to be operated on a power by demand system. This system is used at British Summer Time; synchronised generator sets were supplied to main stages, bars and concessions and the toilets.  Since 2017 we have run a number of sets on HVO fuel.

Over the last five years AEG Live and LoudSound have been keen to improve the impact of the festival on the environment and has always demonstrated a commitment to sustainability which we have been more than happy to support.

Since 2015 many of the generator sets at British Summer Time have been fitted with specialist monitoring equipment, allowing us to monitor power consumption, provide real-time information and create a power log for the main stage and other key generator sites. This work and analysis has been used to deliver AEG’s team detailed and clear information about the power consumption and fuel usage required, ensuring that the event was as energy efficient as possible and the impact on the environment of temporary power was reduced.

In addition, all of the festoon lighting that we supplied was LED as was the majority of the flood lighting that we installed, specifically the arena lights that we installed on delay towers.