• Committed to reducing our carbon footprint, by reducing fuel usage, transport costs and using LED’s wherever possible
  • Sustainable power and lighting solutions for all events
  • Innovative, in-house research &development teamInvestment in energy saving and green initiatives
  • Installation of generators that supply ‘power by demand’


Being energy efficient is at the forefront of everything that we do. We are continually investigating new and alternative methods to make the events we support and the day to day activities of our company as carbon efficient as possible. Sustainable solutions and reducing our impact on the environment are key to ensuring our business is both efficient and cost effective for our clients.

  Our highly experienced team work hard to find the most energy efficient combinations of kit to provide a reliable power supply using modern, economical and eco-friendly solutions
  We have invested in key energy saving and green initiatives, including the Combined Heating and Power unit (CHP), Solar powered fuel bowsers, LED Towerlights, LED lighting
  It is possible for us to install remote telemetry equipment to monitor how much power generators are consuming from a laptop or tablet, no matter where they are located
  We are able to monitor power consumption throughout an event, we then create a log that provides the site team with detailed information about power consumption and fuel usage
  Real-time information from specialist monitoring equipment ensures that organisers have a clear picture of what is needed for their 2016 event
  Detailed breakdowns of the fuel management system that we have in place, including delivery dates and quantities to help improve consumption and costs throughout the event
  Providing the correct size generators for your event and monitor loads and timings
  Generators can be operated on a power by demand system, using our bespoke power management solutions


Reduce transport costs
Manage fuel usage
Use LEDs wherever possible
Best power management solutions to reduce fuels bills and save energy
Work closely and carefully with our supply partners to ensure minimal delivery journeys and maximum vehicle utilisation
Day to day management of the business, choosing suppliers, calculating transport and logistics plans and fuel consumption
Harvest rainwater to run our pressure washers using an inventive new design from our team of engineers
Use biodegradable detergents
Reduced our mains water usage by changing to on demand urinal flushing systems
Our offices use motion sensor lighting reducing un-necessary use of energy


We are committed to investing in Research & Development, our in-house team continues to push the boundaries of sustainable energy.

Recent success stories include:

The creation of a combined heating and power solution that harnesses the bi-product from a generator’s internal cooling system, this is syphoned off and piped through a heat pump to generate hot water which in turn can be used to heat radiators.

In-house manufactured solar powered fuel bowser recharges the battery that works the fuel pump, ensuring the unit is self-contained and negates the need for additional power sources


The CHP Concept prototype has been created using a 10 year old generator with more than 13,000 hours usage, it has been completely stripped down and re-furbished by Power Logistics’ plant and mechanical engineering apprentice.

The CHP’s eco -credentials

  Power required to run the pump is less than 1kw and once water is up to temperature is no longer required
  Generator runs on 100% bio-fuel
  Re-furbished generator’s lifespan has been extended
  Improving the apprentice’s knowledge and skills


  Easily transported
  Easy to install
  Heat radiators from the same generator powering your cabin
  Reduce costs
  Lead the way on environmental issues

Further development of the prototype will see data capture incorporated to monitor power usage and fuel efficiencies.



  Infinite colour possibilities
  Eco-friendly credentials
  All IP rated for outdoor use
  Compact and super bright
  Wireless option (Liteware)